30/04/2015 9:45am:

IMPORTANT - 2015 students please read:

OB3 (version 2) is now available.  You are on the (old/legacy) login page for OB3 version 1.  To login to OB3 v2 go to http://use.ob3.io If are an OB3 v1 user and you'd like to migrate your content and account to version 2 please get in touch with OB3 support on help@oceanbrowser.com


OB3 version 1 notes: we recommended Firefox, Chrome, Safari  (also for PC) or Internet Explorer v9,v10 browsers.   For some content, or if you want to record audio, it's also a good idea (but not required) to install the latest available version of Flash.

Password or login problems?  Click here.  TIP: Use your Uni email address.   Need help? email us or use the Help tab.  Follow us on facebook and twitter.